Competition and AntitrustLaw

We assist clients in a wide range of industries with antitrust compliance issues. We develop individually tailored compliance programs for our clients, and give presentations, seminars and in-house training to their staff on how to apply those programs in the daily practice of their industry, with special emphasis on aiding front-line personnel to minimize the risks of an accusation of anti-competitive behavior. We also advise clients on a day-to-day basis concerning business transactions that may raise antitrust issues.

We offer extensive regulatory and practical business experience in the complex issues that corporations face in their vertical and horizontal relationships with suppliers, customers and competitors. We advise on pricing issues, exclusive dealing arrangements, licensing, joint ventures, territorial restrictions, suggested resale prices, minimum advertised pricing programs, volume and functional price discounts, rebates and promotional allowances, requirement contracts, and exclusive distributorships.

We also represent clients before the Turkish Competition Authority.Recent experiences in this practice area include providing compliance reviews and trainings for clients who are in a dominant position in their respective sectors and realizing negative clearance and exemption applications for clients' vertical contracts.